Fantasy Friday: Impressive Smaug the Magnificent Cosplay

Sharon Huls, AKA Kialna, has created one amazingly impressive Smaug cosplay. I think it’s the best Smaug cosplay I’ve seen. She really thought about the design when creating it. I love the way she interpreted a gigantic four legged dragon into a wearable costume. There are also so many impressive techniques that she used to craft it. Sewing, painting, sculpting, casting, prop making, even lighting work for the dragon head! The costume won a much deserved award at Elfia Arcen 2014 and it’s definitely been making its way around the internet.

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She even got to meet Benedict Cumberbatch while in costume and got his signature on Smaug’s tongue!

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I love the glowing light from the mouth as if he’s breathing fire. There are so many details in this costume that are just amazing! I love that a few of the scales on the chest are gold coins. Such a nice little detail and so perfect since Smaug really would have gold coins embedded in his stomach from lying on them. She posted quite a few of the work in progress photos over on Reddit as well. It’s fascinating to see all the pieces come together. Make sure to check out her website for more on this costume and her other work!

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