Final Fantasy 7 Meets Big Hero 6 in Awesome Fan Art

Final Fantasy 7 is a game that definitely made a big impact when it first came out, and it hasn’t gone away. Final Fantasy characters have shown up in films like Advent Children and other games such as the Kingdom Hearts series. On top of all that, there was the recent announcement that Final Fantasy 7 is getting a remake with the gorgeous new graphics that technology is capable of today. This particular title of the Final Fantasy series will probably never go away.

I’ve seen some great crossovers celebrating the series and the characters. Recently I stumbled on one that definitely combines two things I like. Artist Zak, AKA ZedEdge on Deviantart, has illustrated the Final Fantasy 7 characters in the Big Hero 6 style. I love it. The little changes to make them fit into that world are perfect.

final_fandisney___cloud_by_zededge-d8pm3bd final_fandisney___aerith_by_zededge-d8t6op8 final_fandisney___cid_by_zededge-d8x7tmt final_fandisney___tifa_by_zededge-d92f9x9 final_fandisney___vincent_by_zededge-d98kavo

Raise your hand if you would happily watch the Final Fantasy characters run around in a movie or show in this style! *Raises hand* Zac has done a great job keeping the specific character elements that are signature for each one, but he reinterprets them in a great new way. These looks are great and are definitely ready for any cosplay fans to tackle.

Zak has some done other really great crossover art, or “remixes” as he calls them, such as mixing the Legend of Korra with Mass Effect, Sailor Moon with Mad Max: Fury Road, Adventure Time with Kingdom Hearts and even more. Make sure to check out his gallery for all the awesome art.

korra___mass_effect__fsrx_2__by_zededge-d850m60 sailor_moon___mad_max__fsrx_20__by_zededge-d91x4k3 adventure_time___kingdom_hearts__fsrx_15__by_zededge-d8rz3f1

Who is your favorite video game character? Someone from Final Fantasy or another game? Check out Mastering Fantasy Art by John Stanko and Shojo Fashion Manga Art School, Boys by Irene Flores and Krisanne McSpadden and Dragonart Fantasy Characters by Jessica “NeonDragon” Peffer for great drawing instruction and create some fan art of your favorite characters. Make sure to share with us on our Facebook and Twitter. We love seeing your art.

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