How to Draw a Fairy

Out of all the mystical creatures that exist, fairies seem to pop up the most. So when it came time to create Sketch Fantasy Art, there was no way we were going to leave out our fairy peeps! But even less frequently drawn are the ever-so-elusive male fairies. That’s why, for this time around, we’re showing a step-by-step of how to draw a male fairy.



The musculature of a man is much more pronounced than that of a woman. Men tend to have narrower hips and broader shoulders then women, giving the typical man a V-shaped torso rather than the curvaceous shape of a woman. If it would help, ask a friend to model for your sketches or use a photo reference.


Step One: Sketch the Proportions

The procedure for drawing a male figure is the same as that of the female figure: establish the proportions, lightly sketch until you’re pleased with the outline, then erase unnecessary lines.


Step Two: Shade the Darkest Values

The light source here is front/right, so the darkest values are shaded on the left side of the figure. Define the hair first, then the eyes and lips. Lightly draw some veins in the arms, then shade in the dark values of the skin and clothing.



Step Three: Shade the Midtones

Lightly shade the midtones. Carefully overlap the shading into the dark values. Draw the wings and lightly shade the background.

When shading the midtones, the value structure of the design changes. It’s often necessary to further darken the deep shadow areas. It’s a process of moving back and forth between dark and light values until you achieve a believable value structure.



Step Four: Add the Wings and Other Details

Render the wings with lines and shading. Shade around the figure and add a bit of cast shadow at the feet anchor the design into the picture. Darken the area behind the figure to add a feeling of space.




Check out Sketch Fantasy Art by Stephanie Pui-Man Law for more mystical beings to draw!






ABOUT THE AUTHOR | Stephanie Pui-Mun Law

Stephanie Pui-Mun Law has been painting fantastic otherworlds since early childhood, though her art career did not begin until 1998 when she graduated from a Computer Science program. After three years of programming for a software company by day and rushing home to paint into the midnight hours, she left the world of typed logic and numbers for the painted worlds of dreams and the fae.

Her illustrations have been used for various game and publishing clients, including Wizards of the Coast, HarperCollins, LUNA Books, Tachyon Books, White Wolf, Green Ronin and Alderac Entertainment. She has authored and illustrated Dreamscapes and Dreamscapes Myth & Magic (published by IMPACT Books in 2008 and 2010), books on watercolor and technique for fantasy. Stephanie is also the creator of the Shadowscapes Tarot deck (Llewellyn Publishing).




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