How to Draw a Kraken Sea Creature

The kraken has been a scourge of the seas ever since man first set sail. More than 200 feet (61m) in length, this giant sea creature was able to attack and destroy vessels up to the size of a galleon. At one time, it is possible this giant squid was of such massive dimensions that it fed upon huge fish, sea orcs and ocean dinosaurs. Later in its history the kraken fed on whales that filled the seas, until the whaling industry decimated them as a food supply, relegating this monster to a realm of sea lore.

Learn how to draw a kraken, a magnificent ocean monster, as shown in Dracopedia: The Bestiary in this free step-by-step tutorial below.

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How to draw a Kraken | sea creature | art tutorial

STEP 1: Concept and Design Stage
The kraken or titanic squid is a creature able to destroy large sailing vessels and grow to over 200 feet (61m) long. In order to grow to such huge proportions it would have to survive attacks by sperm whales during its childhood. Armored plating was added to account for this defensive adaptation.

How to draw a Kraken | sea creature | art tutorial


STEP 2: Skeletal Frame Sketch
Sketch loose, long thin lines to indicate the tentacles and giant head of the kraken. Place a circle to indicate its single eye.


How to draw a Kraken | sea creature | art tutorial

STEP 3:  Detailed Pencil Sketch
Study reference of cephalopods to detail the suction cups of the tentacles and shell. Indicate bubbles and the mast of a submerged sea vessel in the background.


How to draw a Kraken | sea creature | art tutorial

STEP 4: Underpainting and Finishing Details
Complete the final details of the kraken. Small markings and intricate details such as plates and bubbles will give the kraken a great sense of size.


How to draw a Kraken | sea creature | art tutorial

Kraken by William O’Connor
16″ × 12″ (41cm × 30cm)


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