How to Draw an Anthro Pony

anthro ponyHybrid creatures with human and animal traits are called anthros, or furries. Anthro is short for anthropomorphized, which means attributing human characteristics to nonhuman things. Even with all four hooves on the ground, stylized cartoon ponies are anthropomorphized to a degree (consider their human expressiveness), but we can push them even further by adjusting the pose, proportions and features.

Halfway between a pony and a human, this pony anthro retains her hooves, muzzle, ears and tail, but stands upright with elongated proportions. Although ponies also like to dress up (at least cartoon ponies do), clothing seems more of a necessity on this body, and emphasizes the character’s emerging humanity.

Follow along and I’ll show you how to draw this pony-gal, step-by-step!

anthro pony
Step One: Plan the Design
Working small, make a rough sketch of your pony anthro in an upright human-like pose. Then dress them up in a cute outfit. Show their animal side by retaining a few of their pony features, like ears, hooves, and a tail. This will be our roadmap for the final drawing.

anthro pony
Step Two: Sketch the Body Position
Draw a large circle for the head. Add guidelines to indicate a three-quarters facing. Sketch an ellipse for the chest and a circle for the pelvis, then join them into a bean shape. Draw a guideline down the center of the body.

anthro pony
Step Three: Build up the Head
Connect the head to the body with a short tube-shaped neck placed directly beneath the head-circle. Sketch a pair of large eyes along the horizontal guideline of the head. Then draw rounded wedge-shaped muzzle centered beneath them. For the ears, create a point of origin at the top of the head by drawing a circle guide. Then, “grow” a pair of petal-shaped ears up and out from the origin circles. Finally, add an inner crease on the ear closest to us.

anthro pony
Step Four: Sketch the Limbs
Sketch a pair of tube-shaped legs ending in chunky hooves. Indicate the knees at the midpoint of the legs with ellipses. Then sketch the cylindrical outstretched arms, one directed back, and the other coming forward. Use surface lines at the elbows to help define which direction the arms are going. Draw the hooves, showing the underside of the one coming towards us.

anthro pony
Step Five: Add Details
Draw the inner eye details (iris, pupil), and darken the upper lid. Draw a pair of eyebrows, and add a nostril on the muzzle. Sketch the hair neatly covering her forehead, and cascading down the back. Don’t forget her twirly pony tail.

anthro pony
Step Six: Draw the Clothes
Sketch your pony’s outfit using simple forms that wrap around the figure (e.g. draw the skirt as a basic tube before adding pleating). Long puffy socks create the illusion of thicker pony legs. Add accessories like a purse, hair clip, and neck tie.

anthro pony
Step Seven: Refine Lines
Darken the eyelashes. Detail the hair by breaking it into more segments. Place folds in the clothing at natural bend points, like the waist and knees, and add pleats on the skirt. Draw a buckle on her purse, and a star emblem to match the hair clip. Erase your guidelines.

anthro pony
Step Eight: Finish with Color
Choose some colors for your anthro. Keeping to a few distinct colors can create a unified look. If you’re adapting a preexisting pony, carryover their color palette. Add shading and highlights to finish!

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