Ideas on How to Draw Steven Universe Characters

steven universe charactersDo you want to learn how to draw characters similar to those found in Steven Universe? Then look no further!

In Freaky Fun Activities, author Jay Stephens introduces you to a whole variety of crazy and wacky characters! Here, you’ll be introduced to DoodleBug – the number one mystery solver in in the City of Artopolis. So check out the following step-by-step to make the city’s greatest superhero appear.


steven universe

Step One: Get your materials together!

steven universe characters

Step Two: Using an erasable pencil, sketch an oval shape on top of two stacked oblong shapes. Notice they are thinner where they meet in the middle. At this stage, it’s important to draw everything lightly.

steven universe characters

Step Three: Add two teardrop shapes to the top of the oval and two short lines angled downward inside the oval. Draw one line through the middle of the two oblongs. Draw another line crossing that one and extending through the middle of the top oblong shape. Create the toes and arms with simple angles that look like the letter V.

steven universe characters

Step Four: Create DoodleBug’s eyes and smile with curved U shapes. Use gentle curves to make the tops of his gloves and boots, and two bigger curved J shapes for his cape. Sketch two circles on either side of the crossed lines on his chest. Then draw two smaller circles inside of those. Begin his fists with small rectangles.

steven universe characters

Step Five: Add two short lines for the neck and two more short lines above the circles on his chest. Use three lines to divide up the fingers and three more lines for each thumb.

steven universe characters

Step Six: Erase any extra parts you don’t need for the final drawing. Use a black pen or marker to ink the sketch by tracing the lines you have roughed out. Now you have a clean final version.

steven universe characters

Step Seven: Add color with markers, colored pencils or crayons. This is how DoodleBug usually looks…

steven universe characters      steven universe characters

Step Eight: However, someone has attacked Artopolis, and this is how DoodleBug looks right now. Draw his torn costume using V shapes. You can draw simple dirty scrapes by sketching three short lines crossing on top of three more short lines. Long wavy lines look like steam, and boy is DoodleBug ever steamed! His smile is upside down now. I think he should go change into a new costume before we turn the page, don’t you?

And don’t forget to check out this exclusive video from the editor of Freaky Fun Activities:

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