IMPACT Art of the Week: Steampunk Dragon

We love our dragons here at IMPACT Books, and nothing could be cooler than sharing some sweet art from DeviantArt! As you may know DragonWorld is a collection of 120 dragons from 49 international artists, all who share their work on DeviantArt. This particular dragon ties in with our steampunk post from a few days ago. (Sorry for the large image, but a smaller size does not do this justice.) And this steampunk dragon from Kerem Beyit is as stunning a piece of art as we’ve ever posted.

Steampunk Dragon, DragonWorld


And here’s a quick sample of the Q&A with the artist, Kerem Beyit (kerembeyit on DeviantArt):

What qualities do dragons exemplify that inspire you?
They’re big and nasty. They have sharp teeth and horns. They come in lots of variation, and on top of that they fly! How cool is that?

What creative license do dragons provide that other subjects don’t?
Fictional creatures provide much more extensive creative license than nonfictional creatures, though that doesn’t mean they come without a set of rules. If you want to produce a design that is believable and makes sense, you have to draw some components—the skin, horns, teeth, eyes—as realistic and physics-appropriate as possible.

Do your dragons incorporate qualities of one or more other animals?
If you want your dragons to look impressive, it is very important to use reference at the rendering stage even though the general design is fictional. For instance, African bison have great horns that are a perfect feature to borrow for a dragon. I always examine dinosaur skulls for jaw and teeth structure, and reptiles for realistic skin. These are not mandatory, but they sure do make the end result more realistic.


Do you like steampunk? Want to learn more about it, whether it’s history or it’s cultural impact? Be sure to check out our blog to learn all about what steampunk is.


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