Dragonart Ultimate Gallery

Do you know the best part about drawing dragons? It’s the fact that there are so many possibilities and choices you can make. Rather like snowflakes, no two dragons are alike, so you can draw a dragon with wings, without wings, with diaphanous wings, leather wings, big wings, small wings, two wings, four wings, with a short tail, with a barbed tail, with a rattlesnake-like tail… yeah, see? Infinite possibilities. And we haven’t even gotten to eyes, whiskers, hands and feet!

Check out Jessica “NeonDragon” Peffer’s Lightweaver, above, as well as a whole ton more (would you call a group of dragons a pride? murder? flight?) in DragonArt Ultimate Gallery. Or, learn how to draw dragons with DragonArt. You can learn a lot about the various kinds of dragons, including the differences between Western dragons, Eastern and Chinese dragons, drakes and wyrms.

For example, check out Quetzacoatl, another of NeonDragon’s drawings:

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