Gorgeous Japanese Dragon Created with One Long Paintbrush Stroke

The Japanese dragon is thought to bring good luck. This fantastic creature features prominently in many art pieces. One particular art form celebrates the dragon and creates the twisting figure with just one long stroke of the paintbrush.

This ancient Japanese art form is known as hitofude ryuu, which roughly translates to “dragon with one stroke.” The brush is slowly pulled across the canvas, the artist carefully using subtle movements to create the lines for the dragon’s scales. 

Once the full continuous stroke to create the Japanese dragon’s body is complete, the artist goes back with a smaller brush to add shading, final details and background elements. The final result is a gorgeous and elaborate Japanese dragon painting.

We can’t stop watching this enchanting art form. You can see more on the Instagram account of artist Keisuke Teshima, known as the onestrokedragon.


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A post shared by Keisuke Teshima (@onestrokedragon) on


A post shared by Keisuke Teshima (@onestrokedragon) on


Japanese Dragon vs. Western Dragon

The Asian dragon is usually a long, serpentine, four-legged dragon. The Western dragon that is commonly seen in most fantasy series is usually a large creature with four legs, a long tail, a serpentine neck, scaled armor and bat-like wings.

Japanese dragons and dragons from other Asian countries are elegant creatures. It is revered in many countries and heralded as sacred in Shinto, Hindu and Buddhist religions. The Japanese dragon is thought to bring good luck and is a creature that is viewed as a guardian angel.

Japanese dragon | dragon art

Learn how to draw your own dragons!

From Western dragons to Japanese dragons to European dragons, we’ve got you covered! You can learn all about the many types of dragons in the Dracopedia books by William O’Connor. 

You can also check out the free dragon drawing tutorial we posted on the site and get more dragon drawing inspiration with our Smaugust prompt list!

Dragons | Fantasy art | How to draw dragons

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