New Mass Effect Andromeda Trailer Shows off Aliens and Crew

The upcoming Mass Effect Andromeda continues the popular Mass Effect series. This sci-fi video game had a huge impact when it first came out. Some fans weren’t happy about the end of the series with Mass Effect 3. Maybe Mass Effect Andromeda will be the game to satisfy those fans. You can explore space and discover a new galaxy in the game on March 21. The long wait is almost over!


One teaser that has been released shows off the planets that have the potential to be new homes for your characters, the “golden worlds” of the game. We also get a better look at the aliens and crew in the game. Slowly but surely we’re seeing more of the possibilities in the upcoming game.

It’s a bit spoiler-y bit IGN has the first 13 minutes of Mass Effect Andromeda if you’re wondering how it all starts. The video gives a better look at some key characters and the new dialogue system the game will use.

Feeling the sci-fi excitement yet? Grab a copy of Mechanika Revised and Updated by Doug Chiang and learn how to draw your own spaceships, aliens and worlds.

T7991 Mechanika_CM1.indd


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