Perspective Drawing With Perspective Made Easy

Click to Purchase Perspective Made Easy!Perspective Made Easy and it’s fun-loving robots are finally here! With non-stop awesomeness around every corner, you’ll be hard pressed not to fall in love with perspective drawing. Not only does author Robbie Lee have an hilarious voice but his easy way of explaining what’s what in perspective makes all artists’ lives just a little bit easier.

So what do you get with a book as crazy amazing as this one? Well this is just the tip of the iceberg but… the book is jam-packed with 25+ step-by-step demonstrations, lessons on everything from basic shapes to figures and cities, and everything covered from pesky horizontal and vertical lines, to incorporating realistic scale and elevation, to perfect slopes and tilts. Seriously this book has it all!

So, if you’re even a little bit excited (which you know you are) then check out the book trailer below!

Perspective Drawing With Perspective Made Easy:

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