Q&A With the Editor of Little Pony Drawing Book

Little Pony Drawing BookHow did the title of the book come about?
The title, Little Pony Drawing Book, was relatively easy to come up with. After brainstorming with the author, Lindsay Cibos, I then went to a Title Design meeting where a group of us threw ideas back and forth. We new the book was going to star little ponies, so it was a pretty easy title to come up with. Our biggest challenge was coming up with the subtitle since the book contains more than one species of pony friends – but we found a way to encompass the whole lot of them!

What was your favorite project in the book?
I like the small exercises at the bottom of each demo. They’re simple step-by-steps with cute names like: WALK THE WALK, TROTTING ALONG, CANTERBURY TAIL, GIDDY-UP AND GALLOP!


What was your goal for the book?
After initially speaking with Lindsay about the pony book, I think we were both on the same page about wanting the book to be filled with sickeningly cute ponies prancing around. Which is exactly what this book turned out to be!

 What was it like to work with the author?
Well, this wasn’t my first book with Lindsay. I worked with her and Jared Hodges on their third book in the furries franchise: Furries Furever. So I was excited and looking forward to working with her on another book, especially one that we had both expressed interest in before it was even a twinkle in our publisher’s eyes.

how to draw a chibi

Do you have any stories from behind the scenes?
In Furries Furever, I asked Lindsay and Jared to come up with off-the-wall tips that would play into whatever artwork they were creating in those particular demos. Lindsay was a doll and sent me amazing tips that I loved reading! So, going into Little Pony Drawing Book, I knew we had to do something similar. Lindsay was fabulous about adding tip boxes with each demo ranging from ancient Greek tidbits to bonus knowledge on drawing to even little unknown facts you’d never know to look up – she really did her homework with some of these tips and plugged them into the perfect corresponding demos which, I think, made the book so much stronger.

 How long did it take to get the book put together?
This book didn’t have any big surprises or twists and turns, so it took the normal length of time. However, we ended up loving the art so much that we ended up squeezing two coloring books out of this book – which had a fast turnaround deadline that Lindsay and Jared were excellent about meeting. The coloring books are: Little Pony Fashion Coloring Book and Little Pony Coloring Book.

What made you decide on the design of the book?

Honestly, we wanted to stick with the cute theme that goes so naturally with little ponies and we kept to a similar structure of Lindsay’s earlier published furries books: Draw Furries, Draw More Furries and Furries Furever.

What did you hope the book would convey to readers?
That you can have fun and be creative with art. Yes, it’s a learning process but Lindsay does a great job of breaking steps down into their most basic forms, all while having a great sense of humor. I’m not going to lie, I laughed out loud to more than a few or her pony puns.

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Have you tried any of the art demonstrations? If so, what was it like?

I like the MARKING and BRANDS sections, and feel like I could have a lot of fun with those. In the meantime, I’ll stick to her coloring books, Little Pony Fashion Coloring Book and Little Pony Coloring Book, which are more along my artistic range.

 Did you run into any challenges when making this book?
Not really. Lindsay is an excellent author to work with and she really makes my job enjoyable.

 Was this art form new to you? If so, what did you like learning about it?
I’m very familiar with digital art and Lindsay’s style, especially after having worked with her on Furries Furever, so I was comfortable when it came to working with this art form.

Is this book strictly about little ponies?
For the most part, yes – however, there’s an entire chapter dedicated to creating magical pony friends that range from hippogriffs to hippocampuses to deer and much more!

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