Q&A With the Editor of Mastering Fantasy Art

guardian angelWhat was your favorite project in the book?
I have to pick just one?! I’ll go with Guardian Angel because its variety of references. To create the powerful archangel piece, John Stanko combines a model holding a sword, two differently posed legs, himself posing in a makeshift tunic, and separately, medieval shoulder armor, as well as a taxidermal bird wing. Stanko is a master at creatively integrating a posed model with everyday objects to produce a stunning, original fantasy image.

What made you decide on the design and structure of the book?
The book is arranged in two straightforward parts. Part 1 is basic instruction for the reader such as tools/materials, how to work with models and the basics of photographing references. Stanko also explains the fundamentals of lighting your references in a super straightforward way. You can learn how to photograph quality reference images even if all you have is a point-and-shoot camera, a bed sheet and a desk lamp! Part 2 is the bulk of the book—16 complete fantasy demos, including 12 character or multi-character step-by-steps, a dragon, a castle and a dagger (FREE demonstration HERE). The fantasy art is gorgeous and the reference are easy to achieve on your own.

Screen shot 2014-09-08 at 5.18.13 PM

Was this art form new to you? If so, what did you like learning about it?
Many artists I’ve worked with work from photo references, but Stanko uses reference in a way that was totally new to me, specifically for connecting fantasy artwork. For instance, take a normal kitchen knife, tape a piece of paper with a hand-drawn design over the blade and voilà, you’ve got an original weapon from the Middle Ages! And did you know you can purchase a sabertooth tiger skull on the internet? Add some feathers and a little imagination and you’ve created your very own druidess’s magical headdress.

Click Here for the FREE Dagger Demo!


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