ReBoot is Actually Getting a Reboot!

Anyone else remember the awesome digital cartoon ReBoot? Well, the reboot is actually happening! The new show will be called ReBoot: The Guardian Code. I loved this show when I was a kid. I still love it now! I once found an action figure of the grown up Enzo Matrix when I was wandering around an antique store and I had to buy it. I’m still trying to find the other action figures from the series. Matrix needs an AndrAIa to go with him!

Reboottitlecard  Reboot_the_guardian_code

The kid in me is just squealing over the possibilities with this new version of the show. It’s officially been greenlit for 26 episodes and there’s already a teaser image. Just check this out:


And as The Mary Sue pointed out, look at the left side of the helmet! That totally looks like Megabyte. Is that him inside the head of this robot? Is that his reflection?? IS ANYBODY ELSE FREAKING OUT OVER THIS??


I have some concerns with the possibility of this live-action hybrid stuff, but if this show is even remotely like the classic from my childhood, then I’m in.

Never watched the cartoon or just feeling a heavy dose of nostalgia like me? Thankfully, YouTube has the old episodes. Here’s the first one. Enjoy!

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