The 50th Anniversary of Star Trek, 50 Years of Amazing Art

I can’t believe Star Trek is celebrating its 50th anniversary. Star Trek is a series that I’ve loved since I was a kid. I have extremely fond memories of watching the show with my dad and brother, imagining space and what was out there. Over the years the series has inspired so much and been groundbreaking in the stories and ideals it has presented. The show has inspired new technology, encouraged space travel, brought about discussions on race and gender and has inspired a lot of really amazing art.

With all the amazing art out there, there has to be an exhibit to showcase it all. The global art exhibition is celebrating 50 artists and 50 years of Star Trek.


You can go here to find a list of the cities for the art exhibition and other events that are going on to celebrate Star Trek’s 50th anniversary. There are concert tours, a cruise and a starfleet academy experience! There are some amazing pieces of art that were created for the exhibit. You can see the art on the website, but here are a few of our favorites.

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Nicky Barkla

Art by Nicky Barkla

Tim Anderson

Art by Tim Anderson

Dan Mumford

Art by Dan Mumford

Glen Brogan

Art by Glen Brogan

Kim Hyunju

Art by Kim Hyunju

Marie Bergeron

Art by Marie Bergeron

Marco D'Alfonso

Art by Marco D’Alfonso

2016 gave us the new movie, Star Trek Beyond. Can we talk about how perfect this poster design is? I love the pops of color. The minimal text is perfect. We know what it is without having the full title emblazoned across the page. The curved lines leading up to the Enterprise lead the eye perfectly. To whoever designed this poster: Job well done!


I thought Beyond was finally a good return to the exploration and character driven feel of the old series. It felt good to see new planets and see Kirk settle in with his crew. I think there will always be nostalgia for the old series (and personally I’ll always love Next Generation the best) but it’s good to see the reboot finally digging into what makes Star Trek what it is. Besides the new movies we’re supposedly getting a return to the TV format. Star Trek Discovery is supposed to be premiering in January 2017. I’m very curious how it’ll be. Hopefully good! I would love to see the Enterprise more regularly discovering new planets and fulfilling all my space travel needs.

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