The Last Jedi Trailer Finally Airs! Let’s Break It Down

The Last Jedi is the eighth movie in the Star Wars franchise. It’s following the massively successful re-entry into the Star Wars franchise, The Force Awakens. The Force Awakens was the third film to gross more than $2 billion worldwide, joining Titanic and Avatar.

Aired during the Monday night football game, we finally got The Last Jedi trailer. Tickets for the film went on sale not long after. Check out The Last Jedi trailer below then read on for our breakdown of some of the details.

Five months ago we got the teaser, which was basically a full trailer itself clocking in at 2 minutes and 13 seconds. Though visually stunning, the teaser didn’t show a ton of plot. The trailer definitely brings up some big questions though.

POSSIBLE SPOILERS below as we discuss some of the questions that popped up with The Last Jedi trailer footage.

Breaking Down The Last Jedi Trailer

Will Rey go to the dark side?

We saw in Force Awakens that she has some anger issues. That fight with Kylo when she taps into the Force? She chases after him with a vengeance. With her family abandoning her, for whatever reason, she has some issues to deal with. We hear Snoke speaking over the first few clips in the trailer saying, “When I found you, I saw raw, untamed power. And beyond that, something truly special.” It seems like he’s talking about Kylo, but maybe he is talking about Rey. The clips switch to her right when he finishes speaking.

Luke looks incredibly concerned when Rey’s Force power is so strong it cracks the very earth they’re standing on. We hear him say ” I’ve seen this raw strength only once before. It didn’t scare me enough then. It does now.” The first person he’s referring to has to be Kylo. We see a flash of Luke watching the Jedi school burn down. Presumably we’ll understand more about what happened there in this film. 

Star Wars | The Last Jedi | The Last Jedi trailer | Rey | Luke

In both the teaser and the official trailer, we’ve seen the idea of reversal. The teaser gave us Luke back, but he declares that the Jedi must end. Now in the trailer Luke himself says that this is not going to end the way you think. The heroes typically win and Rey seemed like a new hero aligned with the light, but things could go entirely differently.

Why so much red?

Red is a color that the marketing team has been using quite a bit. The character posters have red, the main poster has red, even the logo is red this time, which is a switch from the bright yellow. Red is typically associated with the dark side and the Sith. Is this another hint at one of our heroes switching sides? Visual cues are important in film, so I’m thinking this is a heavy hint of dark things to come.

Star Wars | The Last Jedi | The Last Jedi trailer | The Last Jedi poster

Will Kylo kill Leia?

“Let the past die. Kill it. That’s the only way to become what you were meant to be.” In Force Awakens, Kylo let go of his past by killing his father Han. He may think that isn’t enough. We see his ship flying and taking aim at what appears to be Leia’s ship. That shot of her looking incredibly concerned hits right in the feels. Kylo does seem torn about firing that shot though.

Star Wars | The Last Jedi | The Last Jedi trailer | Kylo Ren | Leia

It seems like Kylo is set up perfectly to kill his mother, ending his ties to the light side. I think this is just an editing trick. After the death of Carrie Fisher, much discussion was had about how to handle Leia. She was supposed to have a large role in episode 9. Her death is said to be handled off screen. Thus, even with this set up looking scary in the film, I don’t think Kylo actually kills her.

Will Phasma get her revenge on Finn?

Last time we saw our chrome suited lady, Finn and Han were planning to throw her down into a trash compactor, reminiscent of Han, Luke and Leia’s rushed escape plan from episode 4. Clearly Phasma survived, and she is pissed. In this small clip of Finn we see him using the same weapon he fought against in The Force Awakens when FN-2199, a.k.a. TR-8R called him a traitor. Since Finn had Stormtrooper training, he was obviously trained with this unique weapon too. Looks like Phasma will get some better action this time around.

Star Wars | The Last Jedi | The Last Jedi trailer | Finn | Captain Phasma

Why Crait?

That white and red planet is known as Crait. Everyone wants to know, why this planet? The visual of the planet is definitely impressive and the ships flying across the white planet, kicking up the red dust gives you chills in the teaser trailer, but why is the First Order there? Why is the Resistance there? Marvel is publishing a prologue comic to the movie. In that comic we learn that Luke and Leia have visited this planet before, suggesting that there is something very significant about it. The planet is rich in minerals, but that can’t be the only reason of interest.

What is this crystal fox creature on Crait and can I have one?

Move over Ewoks. The Porgs and this crystal fox are definitely going to take over. The Porgs come from the island Ahch-To and clearly Chewbacca has decided to take one with him. This crystal fox appears to be on the planet Crait, most likely running away from the impending battle we see in the trailer.

Star Wars | The Last Jedi | The Last Jedi trailer | Chewbacca | porgs

After this clip of the adorable Porg, we see the Millennium Falcon racing through a cavern of crystals. Kyber crystals. The Kyber crystals are a key part of Star Wars history since they are a source of power and used in building lightsabers. Books, comics and Rogue One have brought the crystals up even more. They’ll clearly be a part of The Last Jedi. The crystals are attuned to the Force, particularly the light side. The only way a Sith could use a Kyber crystal was to “bleed” it and bend it to their will. This causes the crystals to turn red. Well, that cavern is full of red crystals. Kylo or Snoke could be responsible for infusing the crystals with massive amounts of pain and anger.

Star Wars | The Last Jedi | The Last Jedi trailer | Millennium Falcon

Who is Snoke?

Snoke was just a hologram in The Force Awakens, but now we get to see him in the flesh. He looks just as mean and angry as he was in the first film. The quick glimpse we see also has Rey in the scene. Did she rush off to confront him and get captured? Is he torturing her or is he testing her Force capabilities in a twisted way of teaching her? Snoke is clearly a powerful Force user. Will he instruct Rey since Luke seems hesitant to?

The Last Jedi trailer | Star Wars | Snoke | Rey

Who are Rey’s parents?

Of course the big question is Rey’s parentage. According to Rian Johnson, we’ll learn more about Rey’s family in this film. Even though The Last Jedi trailer didn’t drop any bombs about her parentage, everyone is tossing their theories into the ring. 

The Kenobi Theory

Personally, I’m still pulling for her to be a Kenobi. If she’s a Kenobi then we have a Kenobi and a Skywalker together again, which brings wonderful symmetry to the films when you consider all 8 (eventually all 9) of them. The Clone Wars series showed us more about Obi-Wan. It’s not much of a stretch for him to have rebelled against the current Jedi code and to have potentially sired a child, especially since he was taught by Qui-Gon Jinn who really didn’t ascribe to the typical Jedi rules. Rey could be a grandchild of Obi-Wan. She heard his voice in Force Awakens telling her that she was taking her first steps. Why did she hear him? That seems significant. 

A Qui-Gon Child

Speaking of Qui-Gon, some people have floated out the idea that he is actually related to Rey. With his rebellious ways, did he make a child out in the galaxy before passing away? Qui-Gon was very in touch with the Force, coming back as a Force ghost, which wasn’t a common practice. Maybe his genetics were passed on to Rey and that’s why she’s so strong.

Another Skywalker

Of course another theory is that she’s a Skywalker. It seems unlikely that Luke is her dad. He would have recognized her. Personally I think he should have recognized her if she was his niece, but oh well. In the extended universe books (now simply known as legends), Leia and Han had a set of twins, Jaina and Jacen. Jacen went bad and Jaina had to train to fight against him. Clearly the names have been tossed out the window, but is Disney pulling from the books for the plot? Kylo is older than Rey so they aren’t twins, but could they be siblings? If Leia and Han were concerned about Kylo when he went crazy, maybe they used a third party to hide Rey on a distant planet so she was protected and they didn’t know her whereabouts for any Force mind torture tricks.

There is always the possibility that Rey is the daughter of no one we know, but with the connections that Star Wars loves to make, that seems unlikely. Either way, we should know more once December 15th rolls around.

What other details did you notice in The Last Jedi trailer? Comment below! Then make sure to snag your tickets for the film, they’re on sale now.

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