Rave Reviews for Tom Kidd’s OtherWorlds

OtherWorlds by IMPACT author and fantasy artist Tom Kidd just hit the shelves a couple months ago, but it’s already widely popular and has received several smash reviews.

Digital Image Magazine calls it “… just gorgeous to behold… Kidd fans will no doubt buy it just for the images inside.” Although the book focuses mainly on drawing and watercolor and oil painting techniques, it discusses digital painting techniques as well. DIM notes “Most of the material here is applicable to digital artists.”

Falcata Times raves as well, “All in, this title is a lot of fun. The reader/artist will benefit hugely from the author’s skills. Above all else it’s a title that, whether you’re a professional or amateur, will be referred to time and again for some tips to get [your] own work up to that next level.”

For more detailed information on Tom Kidd and his background, check out this article in the Housatonic Times.

In OtherWorlds, readers will

  • learn to draw and paint fantasy settings in a way that makes them utterly believable through 13 step-by-step demonstrations for dynamic color oil and watercolor renderings, with some discussion of digital techniques
  • discover where Kidd finds his best ideas, the methods behind his glorious color sense, and how he turns it all into exquisite fantasy realms
  • get imagination-sparking approaches for dreaming up these strange new realms and finding ready inspiration in the most ordinary of places.

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