Unofficial Disney Walking Dead Characters

While roaming the Tumblr-verse in search of amusement, this amazing art from Thomas (aka Kasami-Sensei) popped up on the IMPACT Tumblr feed and about blew our minds with its awesomeness. Talk about creating a spin on The Walking Dead characters by incorporating a Disney theme into the mix!

And, as if the art isn’t enough to keep you wanting more, Kasami-Sensei has also created back stories for all of these wonderfully wicked characters! Visit his DeviantArt page to read the story lines and don’t forget to check out more of his Disney Walking Dead characters.
tumblr_n9mj07nFw81tuk7ruo9_500       tumblr_n9mj07nFw81tuk7ruo10_500


tumblr_n9mj07nFw81tuk7ruo5_500      tumblr_n9mj07nFw81tuk7ruo6_500


tumblr_n9mj07nFw81tuk7ruo7_500       tumblr_n9mj07nFw81tuk7ruo8_500


tumblr_n9mj07nFw81tuk7ruo4_500       tumblr_n9mj07nFw81tuk7ruo3_500

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