Book Launch Party

*A guest post by artist Robbie Lee, the author of Perspective Made Easy!

Perspective Made Easy

Hello IMPACT Friends!

Hey, are you free on October 3rd? Live in the Orlando, Florida area? Either way, you’re invited to a somewhat belated but well-planned book launch party for my new-ish book, Perspective Made Easy: A Step-by-Step Guide from IMPACT Books. Some of Audubon Park’s finest local eateries will providing delicious snacks and treats, and I’ll probably give a perspective drawing lesson or two. Here’s the flyer with all the details:

launch party

If you think you’re coming, check in at the event’s Facebook page so we have some idea for numbers. And in the meantime, learn more about the book on my website.

OK, thanks for reading! Hope to see you on the 3rd!


Perspective Drawing With Perspective Made Easy:

About the Author:
Robbie Lee’s twelve years of teaching and twenty years of professional illustration have honed his techniques for both using and explaining perspective drawing. By day, he’s kept young and fresh teaching art to middle school kids, and by night he’s in his studio, creating illustrations for everything from advertisements and video games to backpacks and skateboards. The bulk of his work lies in T-shirt design, for which he’s concocted more than 100 designs that have sold more than 125,000 T’s. You’re probably wearing one right now. Robbie lives with his wife and two children in Orlando, Florida.