Cosplay: Not Just for Cons, Now It’s On TV

The brand new original show Heroes of Cosplay from SyFy Channel premieres tonight at 10:30! I’m really excited about this one. I’ve participated in cosplay a few times, and I always love hearing about different characters and costumes. There are so many techniques for making a costume and fellow cosplayers have great tips! It’s great to learn how someone made their armor, stitched up a dress, created a complex prop or styled a crazy wig. If you haven’t been to a con or just want more cosplay then Heroes of Cosplay is perfect for you. The premiere episode focuses on cosplayers at the Wizard World convention in Portland. As they compete and show off their hard work, who will win and who will breakdown under the stress? Check out this sneak peak below and get excited to see some costume drama.

Cosplay has different meaning for everyone. Some people just like to dress up. Some people love the character and want to be them. Some people buy the costume, others painstakingly sew it themselves. No matter how you become that character, it’s a form of art and expression. Plus it’s fun! If you could cosplay any character, who would it be?

For character and makeup tips take a look at Extreme Face Painting and Extreme Costume Makeup by Brian and Nick Wolfe. They’ll help you plan your own crazy creature for a future cosplay or maybe just for a Halloween costume! Just have fun and be creative.



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