Doctor Who Series 8 Premieres Today!

The day has finally come! Series 8 of Doctor Who premieres today! Peter Capaldi is taking over the role from Matt Smith and series 8 is our first real look at him. Those brief minutes in the Christmas episode didn’t let us see what kind of Doctor he’ll be. Though I am going to miss Matt Smith, I’m very curious to see Capaldi’s version of the Doctor. Everything I’ve read so far hints at him being more serious and back to being more alien. It sounds like series 8 might be quite an adjustment to get used to!

The first episode, premiering tonight, will be called Deep Breath. Check out the trailer for series 8, the trailer for the first episode and some promotional images:

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10   9

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I’m so glad we get to see Madame Vastra, Jenny and Strax again! I still think those three should have their very own show. Can you just imagine the crazy adventures they would have? They need a spinoff.

Peter Capaldi’s Doctor has apparently tweaked the interior of the TARDIS, since Clara comments that he’s redecorated. The BBC has a nice look inside these changes:

For those of you who can’t watch the series 8 premiere tonight, or if you want to watch it again, quite a few cinemas are screening it this Monday! I already bought my ticket. There will be an extra 15 minutes of exclusive cinema content and of course the episode is feature length so it’s going to look awesome on the big screen. Click here to see if there’s a theater near you!

Want to illustrate a strange and wondrous world for the Doctor and his companion to explore? Check out OtherWorlds by Tom Kidd!

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