Dungeons & Dragons, The Effect of Tabletop Gaming

I love playing board games. The competition is fun, the variety in games is only expanding and the different worlds and characters you can play with just makes it a never ending source of entertainment. Tabletop gaming isn’t just about old familiar titles like Clue or Monopoly. This is a whole new world with fun games of all kinds! GenCon celebrates this gaming world, and it has become a massive event. It’s a great place to discover new games or even just enjoy playing the ones you already love.

Slowly but surely I’ve been trying out new games and finding new favorites. I like to say that Settlers of Catan is a gateway game. It’s a game that bridges the gap between Monopoly and the immense tabletop gaming community that exists. It’s not as intimidating to jump into and play. Settlers was really the game that showed me there were more board games out there to discover! A few of my other favorites are Ticket to Ride, the Game of Thrones board game and Dixit Odyssey. These games all have different stories and gameplay, and they’re so much fun to play!

settler_of_catan-34-right    Ticket-to-ride-boardgameBox

agot     dixit-board-game-Odyssey-3

Dungeons & Dragons really got the ball rolling with role-playing and tabletop gaming. It is still one of the best-known and best-selling games. PBS recently did a feature on the title and the influence of tabletop gaming. Check out the video:

For more tabletop fun make sure to check out Wil Wheaton‘s creation, Tabletop, over at Geek and Sundry. They get a group together, often comprised of various celebrities, and play various games. It’s a great way to check out a new game before you buy it! Here’s an episode of the show where the group plays the Star Trek version of Settlers of Catan:

Create your own worlds, characters and monsters with Fantasy Genesis by Chuck Lukacs. It’s the fun way to think of new ideas by playing a game!



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