Moss Graffiti, A Green Art Form

Graffiti has become a real artistic outlet to show off some impressive skills. The masterpieces that are created with just a few cans of spray paint are so beautiful and complex. There’s another more eco friendly form of graffiti called green graffiti or eco-graffiti. This graffiti creates art but also creates life. Artists use moss to create growing graffiti art. They put up poems, inspiring words and artistic images. With a little moss, a spray bottle and some dedication a beautiful piece of art grows. Talk about an urban jungle! Check out some of these beautiful creations:     4

moss bird     natural-green-moss-graffiti-2

Check out the full gallery of moss art from Environmental Graffiti as well as artists Hayli Alyce Payne and Mosstika. If you created your own moss graffiti, what would you say?

For tips on making graffiti art with the good old spray can, check out Graff and Graff 2 by Scape Martinez.



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