Sci-Fi Friday: Lost Doctor Who Episodes!

Doctor Who is one of the longest running sci-fi shows. It’s celebrating its 50th anniversary this year. It’s a show that has old and young fans. Some people have grown up with the show, others have discovered what is known as new Who with the reboot of the series back in 2005. A good portion of Classic Who is available to watch, but for a long time the BBC has been missing episodes. Recently Whovians received wonderful news! 9 lost episodes were recovered, including one complete saga and an almost complete second one.


The episodes were found in Nigeria. All six parts of 1967’s The Enemy of the World were found and three parts of 1968’s The Web of Fear were found, leaving only part three of that episode still missing. That third part has been reconstructed with audio and stills to at least fill in the gap for an almost complete saga. Both episodes feature Patrick Troughton as the Second Doctor.

Take a look at the video of Phillip Morris talking about recovering the film:

Enemy of the World trailer:

Web of Fear trailer:

Both episodes can be purchased on iTunes and I do believe we’ll get a DVD release later this year! If we can keep scouring the globe for old film, there’s a chance we can recover even more of the lost episodes. Maybe someday we’ll have a complete collection with every single Doctor Who episode. A Whovian can dream right?


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