Series 8 of Doctor Who Has Come to an End

Series 8 of Doctor Who has been quite a season. We still kept Clara as a companion but we had our first full season with the new Doctor, Peter Capaldi. He’s been a more serious Doctor and a bit more alien than some of the others. I think series 8 let Clara show off more of who she was as a character instead of just being Matt’s Impossible Girl. This season has had some fun episodes and some creepy ones. Did Listen creep anyone else out? The tone of that episode very much reminded me of the creepiness of Blink. It’s been interesting to see the changes in Capaldi’s Doctor versus Matt Smith’s version. While I’ll always love Matt Smith’s Doctor, I have to admit that Capaldi has grown on me. I’m enjoying this more serious Doctor.


Death in Heaven, the second part of the two-part finale for the series, premiered recently. It was quite a ride. I have to say that Michelle Gomez was perfectly cast as Missy.

Screen Shot 2014-11-11 at 4.12.33 PM

Check out this behind the scenes video about the series and the finale, spoilers if you haven’t seen the finale episode, Death in Heaven, yet.

It was quite an end to the season! Now we just have to wait for Christmas. The BBC has released a small teaser for this year’s Christmas special and it looks delightfully creepy:

There were rumors going around before that Jenna Coleman was leaving, do you think the Christmas special will be her last episode? Who would you pick for a new companion?



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