Urban Art Education in Portland Public Schools

Scape, Graffiti Artist and Author, will teach kids about urban art at 10 Portland schools for one week, Jan 30 through Feb 3, 2012. He will then appear at the Grand Opening of the new Dick Blick Art Store Feb 4th, 2012.
At the 2/4/12 grand opening, from 4 – 7 PM Scape will demonstrate urban art techniques on Crescent’s “Graffiti Paper”.  Scape will be signing copies of his two books Graff: the Art & Technique of Graffiti and Graff 2: Next Level Graffiti Techniques.

At the schools, Scape will engage the youth with this often misunderstood art form by articulating the benefits of expressing oneself through art on paper (not walls). These school presentations allow Scape to empower the youth in a positive and powerful way. Mays Mayhew, Product Manager for Crescent, said “Graffiti Paper is the perfect way to get urban and street art onto paper. Graffiti paper is the first substrate designed to accept aerosol paint, paint markers, and other urban-type mediums. Debuting both Scape and Graffiti Paper at Dick Blick’s new store is the perfect triad.”