What I Saw At Gen Con 2014

Gen Con claims to be the best four days in gaming and I can definitely say that’s an accurate slogan. Gen Con 2014 was this past weekend. I headed up to Indianapolis to check out the con and play as many games as I could. As always, the vendor floor was completely packed with stuff to see. I know I missed some booths even though I wandered all over the floor! The big vendor floor is definitely the place to check out new games. Most of the booths have demos right there. You can sit and be taught a new game, or just watch someone else play. I actually demoed a couple games with my friends and we liked a few so much that we bought them right away.

GenCon floor   GenCon Floor 2

Being a Whovian, I had to take a picture with the little mini TARDIS fez I found while wandering the floor. There was even a whole booth of fezzes from a place called Fez-o-rama! They had every type of fez you could ever want.

Tardis Fez

Statue  GenCon book

Gen Con doesn’t just give you a small pamphlet or printout of stuff to do over the weekend, that’s an entire book of events. The con has just gotten bigger and bigger. This year had record attendance. There are events in the whole entire convention center as well as rooms in the surrounding hotels that are connected by skywalks. You can find something to entertain you, no matter what you like. It looks like Gen Con will keep getting bigger and continue to be the best four days in gaming!

The balloon guy was there again working his magic. He created a balloon Dalek, a balloon Emmet from The Lego Movie and more! I even saw someone walking around wearing the balloon Lego Emmet later. It was crazy.

Balloon Dalek   Balloon Lego

Though Gen Con isn’t as cosplay focused a convention like WonderCon or DragonCon, there were still plenty of good costumes I saw while wandering the con. Characters from Star Wars and Star Trek, superheroes, armored soldiers from Halo, there was even a Bob Ross cosplay! I love that at conventions you can see such an interesting mix of people all gathered in one place. I absolutely loved the interpretation of Darth Vader, Princess Leia and Wonder Woman that I saw. I love when people make different versions of well-known characters.

Bob Ross Cosplay

Star Wars   Wonder Woman

One of the things that I love about Gen Con is how the whole city of Indianapolis gets in on the fun. I went hunting for some lunch on Saturday and the restaurant we went to had a special Gen Con themed menu! I had the Smaug ribs and even though I knew they were technically normal ribs, they tasted extra delicious as a nerdy treat. A lot of the restaurants will let their waiters wear nerdy t-shirts or costumes along with these special nerdy menus. There are almost always people playing games at the tables too. Gaming is everywhere around you during this weekend!

Nerdy Menu   Nerdy Menu 2

Gen Con also has a big game library where you can just sit and play games for hours. I finally got the chance to try out Dominion with some friends. We ended up loving this game so much that we quickly ran to the vendor room on Sunday before it closed and bought it!


I didn’t get to see nearly enough of Gen Con, but it was a packed weekend full of nerdy awesomeness and so many games. I’ll be having game nights for weeks, and I think I definitely need to go back again next year!

Did you go to the con? What was your favorite part?


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