Cartoon Fun Kit With Barbara Eden and Steve Barr

barbara eden

Barbara Eden + Cartoon Fun Kit = FUN!

None other than I Dream of Jeannie star, Barbara Eden, shared the spotlight with one of our very own IMPACT authors, Steve Barr! Artist of Draw Awesome Animals and Draw Crazy Creatures, Steve has created his very own Cartoon Fun Kit (featured above) which even magical stars can’t seem to get enough of.

However, these Cartoon Fun Kits have graced more than just celebrity hands. In an effort to alleviate difficult times for families battling cancer, Barr began offering free cartoon drawing classes to pediatric patients. With his Cartoon Fun Kit in tote, Barr visits and draws with students from a variety of local hospitals and camps.

“These classes (and the free packets of art supplies each child receives) are intended to provide lively, fun distraction – and happy moments during difficult times,” explains Barr. His dedication to this art healing project can be seen in the pictures and stories found on his website that spreads the motto: Art Heals!

If you’d like to learn more about Steve Barr, you can find him by clicking HERE. For more information on his books, click HERE.

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