Funny Movie Titles Created by Removing One Letter

There’s been a running thread on Reddit where users have removed one letter from famous movie titles to change it into an entirely new movie. That one simple change creates a lengthy list of funny movie titles. This trend jumped over to Twitter as well with the hashtag #FilmsWithOneLetterMissing. Artist Austin Light participated in Inktober and decided to use the funny movie titles as his topic of choice for the month long art challenge. The results are amazing and it’s no wonder his work on these movie title typos has gone viral now!

It’s crazy how just taking out one letter can completely change things. I love that there are even little summaries of the new movies. Here are a few of my favorites:

Robocop becomes Obocop. The story of how a police office works through his PTSD and adjusts to his new robotic implants with the help of the sexy soothing sound of his oboe.


Finding Nemo becomes Finding Emo. An insufferable teenage fish runs away from home. His father contemplates searching for him.


Iron Man becomes Ron Man. A disgruntled government employee builds a robo suit in his garage to help him stop the government he works for from getting any work done.


Jurassic Park becomes Jurassic Par. Two dinosaurs set out to prove they’re more than just killing machines. Thanks to a loophole in the rules they find a spot on the PGA tour and golf their way to the top of the food chain.


Star Wars: A New Hope becomes A New Hoe. A farm boy, who apparently farms sand, fulfills his destiny and becomes the first farmer to do the kessel run in 12 parsecs.


Lord of the Rings becomes Lord of the Rig. The story of one man’s unhealthy obsession with his truck.


Harry Potter becomes Harry Otter. A young boy finds out who, and what, he is. Magic ensues.


Austin Light has more on his Twitter, blog and Instagram, so be sure to check out even more illustrations of these funny movie titles. There’s also now a full site for these movie title typos and it sounds like prints, t-shirts and more should be coming.

What funny movie titles can you create by just taking out one letter? For help drawing your own cartoons, check out Drawing Cartoon Faces by 8fish and Harry Hamernik.

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