Project For Awesome

Project For Awesome is legendary in the nerd universe and oh-so-humbly promoted by none other than New York Times Bestselling author John Green and his brother (and co-vlogger) Hank Green. The project, which takes place annually through December 17-18, utilizes the streaming of YouTube videos to promote awareness for each video’s chosen charity. The project was created in order to “decrease world suck” and does so by raising funds for the charities broadcasted via their internet sensationalizing videos!

Check out Hank Green’s video below as he expands on what Project For Awesome is all about:

During 2011’s Project For Awesome, John Green pledged to draw on his face with sharpie if donations totaling over $50,000 were raised. They were and this is the epic video that surfaced soon afterwards…

For more fun, face-doodling and sharpie enhanced ideas, check out some of our awesome IMPACT titles, including GRAFF Color Master!



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