Find Inspiration With a Fun Anime Character Generator

Need help with creating characters? There’s a new anime character generator you can use!

A new website called MakeGirlsMoe allows you to generate anime characters with AI. You can let the anime character generator work randomly to pull together the characteristics or you can make some choices. Do you want a blonde character? Should they be smiling? The generator will put together the attributes you choose and spit out a character for you to use!

A video uploaded to YouTube shows the generator in action, with random characters morphing and forming. Once you’ve generated a character you like, you can save the image.



From Anime Character Generator to Full Illustrations

Now that you’ve used the anime character generator to create the character you want, learn how to draw them with easy-to-follow manga and anime drawing instruction. We’ve got you covered! Check our our list of free tutorials below on the site then grab the full step-by-step instruction books.

How to draw anime hair
How to draw a laughing face
Drawing hands with Mark Crilley
Drawing manga poses with weapons
How to easily color skin tones
Illustrating common manga poses
Mark Crilley teaches you to draw a couple

Feeling the need for more? Mark Crilley will teach you all you need to know for creating your manga and anime characters in the Mastering Manga series.

YouTube sensations Mina “Mistiqarts” Petrovic and Sophie-Chan have great manga books with us as well. Check out Manga Crash Course, Manga Crash Course Fantasy and Manga Workshop Characters!

Want to illustrate your characters in more everyday scenes? Irene Flores has you covered with the Shojo Fashion Manga Art School series. You’ll learn how to dress your characters in everyday clothes, fancy outfits and elaborate costumes.

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