Artist Creates Manga Art That is Three Dimensional!

The manga art form is typically a one dimensional book. Recently I stumbled on an artist who has taken manga to another level. Artist Muneo Saito has created something new. Her manga art is three dimensional. She creates panels by taking photos of sets and figures in different poses. Muneo has worked on the manga Pokémon Gold & Silver: The Golden Boys. This new manga art project is called “Attack 00 Gakuen 2.5D.” Each piece has to be drawn and cut out. The figures are like paper dolls and have small stands to help them stay up. She even built the different sets and objects! Just look at those little desks in the classroom.

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She’s posted all these images on her Twitter account and has also posted some of these behind the scenes looks at the process. Look at all those figure poses she has! You would have to draw the figure over and over to get the variety for the panels. This particular type of manga art definitely takes a lot of planning.


This is definitely a new and unique way to create manga art. I love how much depth the panels have since they’re photographs of 3D objects. That’s definitely a ton of paper to cut. We’ll be keeping an eye out for more of her awesome three-dimensional manga art!

For help drawing your own manga check out Manga Crash Course by Mina ‘Mistiqarts’ Petrovic and Drawing Manga People and Poses by Ryo Hirata. Don’t forget to share your art with us on Facebook and Twitter! We love seeing what you create.

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