Global Event Pokemon Sun and Moon

Pokemon Sun and Moon are out and thousands of people are playing. Have you started Pokemon Sun and Moon? Both games seem like a great addition to the franchise. I may have to snag a copy of Moon. With the prevalence of social media everywhere, a lot of games and movies have been doing special events to go hand in hand with their product. Pokemon Sun and Moon are having a global event, a limited time activity where all players are working together to meet a certain goal. Right now players are trying to get 100 million Pokemon between November 29 and December 13. Participants in the global event will get 1,000 festival coins if that goal is reached. Even if the goal of 100 million Pokemon isn’t reached, participants get 100 festival coins. Sounds like a pretty fun event to be part of!


If you want to participate in the event you need to head into the Festival Plaza, which you can do by pressing X and then tapping on the Festival Plaza icon. Once there, head to the castle. Use the PC on the right and select “game sync.” Make an account and talk to the lady next to the PC. She will give you the option to participate in global missions.

Pokemon Sun and Moon global mission

So stock up on those Pokeballs and get hunting! Once you’re participating in the event your new catches will count towards the total.


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