Japan Debuts a New Gundam Statue

New Gundam Statue Unveiled

A brand new Gundam statue has taken over in front of the Diver City Plaza in Tokyo. The new statue is the Unicorn Gundam from Mobile suit Gundam UC. The anime is a new adventure in the sci-fi series. The mechanical design for this new Gundam has been widely accepted by fans. The series became a huge hit with over 3 million copies of the novels sold and over 1.9 million copies of the anime.

The new statue towers over the square at 19.7 meters or 64.63 feet. It weighs 49 tons. This monster of a mech is so impressive. It isn’t just a stationary statue. The mechanics in the statue work so it can move. The face mask changes, the vents open and the horn at the top opens and closes just like in the anime.

Here are a few photos of the mech during the day, as well as a video showing the mechanics:

Mobile Suit Gundam | Gundam Statue | Unicorn Gundam Mobile Suit Gundam | Gundam Statue | Unicorn Gundam


At night the Gundam model looks even more impressive. The statue glows with lights while scenes from the anime are projected onto the building behind it. Fans who have visited said that the movement and lights on the Gundam match up with the scenes projected behind it.

Mobile Suit Gundam | Gundam Statue | Unicorn GundamMobile Suit Gundam | Gundam Statue | Unicorn GundamMobile Suit Gundam | Gundam Statue | Unicorn Gundam Mobile Suit Gundam | Gundam Statue | Unicorn Gundam

The Gundam Phenomenon

In April 1979, the Japanese television series called Mobile Suit Gundam debuted. The Gundam series defined the robot anime genre. Since then the Gundam stores have continued to be popular, spawning multiple anime series and movies, models and toys, novels, video games, museums and the life-size statues taking over. The Gundam series has sold billions of copies both of the manga and the anime.

Before the Unicorn Gundam set up residence, the RX-78-2 Gundam stood guard on Odaiba at the entrance to the Gundam Front Tokyo Museum. The museum is a must-see for Gundam fans. It has tons of different models of the many mechs from the series. You can also read about the series and watch clips from the shows.

First introduced in 2009, the 18 meter tallRX-78-2 Gundam statue made its permanent residence outside the mall in 2011. In 2012, it was upgraded with Magnetic Coating joint parts and decorated with a new livery. Three times a day, the statue’s eyes lit up and the head turned left and right while the chest vents emitted smoke. At night, the wall behind the Gundam acted as a theater screen for short films while special lighting schemes were displayed.

Mobile Suit Gundam | Gundam Statue Mobile Suit Gundam | Gundam Statue

Which Gundam do you hope they put up next after the Unicorn?

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