Manga Monday: 19 Year Old Artist Creates Impressive Fighting Anime

I remember watching a lot of fighting anime when I was younger like Dragonball, Dragon Ball Z, Gundam Wing and more. The fighting anime is definitely a popular type of animation. Actually creating and animating those action sequences can take a ton of work though. So the fighting anime that this 19 year old artist created is especially impressive. He created it all on his own. The animation is fluid, the fighting impressive and the special effects are fantastic. The characters don’t have any features, animating with features would have taken an insane amount of time, but it’s still amazing to watch them battle it out. Even with no facial features, you can still see the pain and the struggle each character experiences throughout this epic battle.


Fighting anime can be really difficult to make. The action, the backgrounds, the movement. This 19 year old clearly has a lot of talent! It took 6 months to make the animation and it has gone pretty viral across the internet now. I’d say he’s going somewhere!

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