Manga Monday: Braids

Long hair isn’t all completely even and doesn’t flow neatly down a person’s back (No matter how much we wish it did!). Rather, it drapes and falls over the shoulders and, if hair has a bit more volume or wave, it makes its own shape as it flows. So check out this step-by-step from Sketch Manga to discover all the ins and outs of how to draw the best manga hair!


Step One: Create the Basic Shape
Start with a wide base that tapers down to the end of the braid. Draw a bunch of V-shapes, but let the lines on one side of the braid overlap the other lines.



Step Two: Develop the Shape
Draw the lines all the way to the base of the braid. The space between the lines decreases as you get closer to the end.



Step Three: Refine the Shape
Round out the outside lines. Each space is a mass of hair getting tucked into the facing group.



Step Four: Develop the Details
The areas where the hair weaves in the middle get more shadow. The strands of the hair follow the direction of each braid section.





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