Manga Monday: Famous Movies Drawn Like Manga

Artist Matsuda Yuusuke took some famous action and horror movie icons and drew them in the manga style. They’re such adorable little chibis. Some of the more terrifying monsters, like Pinhead from Hellraiser or Alien and Predator, become rather cute instead of terrifying. Of course I know in the real movies they’re scary! I think I like these adorable manga versions better. I love the little Hellboy, and I can just imagine a whole manga series for The Terminator.

original-1  original-6

original-3    original-2

original-5    original-4

Hopefully we’ll see more of this manga style applied to other famous movies! I love the interpretations of these characters.

To perfect your own manga skills make sure to check out the Monster Book of Manga Drawing by David Okum, Discover Manga Drawing by Mario Galea and of course the books from the master himself, Mastering Manga and Mastering Manga 2 by Mark Crilley.


9781440309311_300dpi     9781440328305


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