Manga Monday: Fan Designed Studio Ghibli Theme Park

There are theme parks for all kinds of things these days. Disney is of course everywhere. Harry Potter has a section of the Universal parks. It even sounds like we might get a theme park with BBC stuff like Doctor Who and Sherlock. The one theme park I would love that doesn’t exist yet though is a Studio Ghibli theme park. Well, Twitter user Takumi designed an absolutely amazing Studio Ghibli theme park. Check out the beautiful art and the imaginative design! I would definitely visit this “Tokyo Ghibliland.”


I love that the entrance to the park is just like the building in Spirited Away. Definitely the perfect choice for a theme park entrance. The Catbus monorail is also perfect. I know I would spend a ridiculous amount of time in Howl’s Moving Castle. It would be incredible if they had a bunch of rooms you could wander through, especially Howl’s room filled with all the things he threw in there. I can even imagine a little restaurant with a fire like Calcifer’s and they serve bacon and eggs like the movie. They could have all the signature Studio Ghibli foods actually! The movies all have unique foods that would be great for this theme park.

catbus-monorail porco-rosso-hangartoxic-jungle  howls-moving-castle

For the Studio Ghibli fan, this park would be perfect. Even better than Disney! I know I would love it. I could easily spend days wandering around. Now I really want to rewatch all these movies and imagine what else could go in the park. What’s your favorite Studio Ghibli movie?

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