Manga Monday: How to Draw a Chibi

Learn how to draw a chibi with this step-by-step tutorial from Sophie-Chan‘s book Manga Workshop Characters! Learning how to draw a chibi is easy and fun. You can make any character a chibi! I always thought chibi versions of my favorite characters were just so cute. One of my favorite anime series is Sailor Moon and you can buy adorable chibi versions of the sailor scouts. I can’t resist of course. So far I just have Sailor Moon but pretty soon I’m sure the whole senshi will take over my shelf!

Learn how to draw a chibi of your very own with this tutorial:

how to draw a chibi | manga art | chibi | sophie-chan

Now that you know how to draw a chibi, what character do you want to turn into a chibi? The main character from your favorite anime? Maybe an original character! Share your chibi art with us on our Facebook and Twitter or tag us in your Instagram post.

Make sure to check out all the awesome videos that Sophie-Chan posts on her YouTube channel. You can also see more on her website, Twitter and Instagram.

You can find this tutorial and more inside Manga Workshop Characters. Take a look and grab your copy!

Click here to purchase Manga Workshop Characters!

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