Manga Monday: How to Draw a Confident Pose

In real life and in art, confidence is key. A confident pose might involve a wife stance, or grand gestures. Direct eye contact and facing the body toward who is speaking are also signs of confidence. Today’s tutorial from Shojo Fashion Manga Art School, Year 2 will teach you how to draw a character in a confident pose.



Step One

Start with the basic sketch of your pose. The forward motion of her body, with one hand raised and the other at her hip, plus the tilt of her jaw all convey that this girl knows what she is talking about and is here to make sure you do too.


Step Two

Fill in the body and check your proportions. This character is both a little rounder and a little more muscular than average.


Step Three

Start adding definition. Her outfit has a lot of draping involved; you want it to pull in the direction of her stand, which here means upper left to lower right diagonally across her body.


Step Four

Ink the drawing. The skirt has some natural pleats that you don’t want to forget in favor of the larger folds created by her raised right leg. Convey the leggings in the linework by making sure you include small folds and wrinkles at her ankles and behind the knee.


Step Five

Color your drawing. A confident girl is well suited for an outfit with a lot of bright and bold colors. This character is facing a bright light, so the colors of her clothes wash out to almost white. The purple shadows create a nice contrast that draws attention to her.

For more great drawing tips make sure to check out Shojo Fashion Manga Art School, Year 2 by Irene Flores and Krisanne McSpadden and Shojo Fashion Manga Art School by Irene Flores.

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