Manga Monday: How to Draw a Manga Girl

Ever wanted help in learning how to draw a manga girl? Well, today is your lucky day! Our post today features a free step-by-step tutorial on how to draw a manga girl from best-selling author Mark Crilley!

Demonstration: How to Draw a Manga Girl 

The most important way of drawing a manga face is not the front view, but the three-quarters view. After all, in an actual manga story it’s uncommon to have a character speak straight to the reader. More often the character speaks to another character within the story and will be slightly turned to one side.

Fortunately it’s not that difficult and takes just a little practice to draw like a pro!


Step One: Draw Your Circle

Divide a circle with a horizontal line.


Step Two: Mark the Feature Lines

Divide the lower half of the circle into four equal sections by adding three more lines.


Step Three: Outline the Jaw

Add a gently curving vertical line that starts at the chin and heads a little off to one side. Focus on these lines and the shapes they make in relationship to the circle. The line should stop at the brow line, second from the top.


Step Four: Place the Features

Draw the eyes, eyebrows, nose and mouth. All four of these facial features touch the curving line at various intersections. Be careful placing the left eye. The blank spaces surrounding it are as important as the eye itself.

Note that in the three-quarter view her right eyebrow is not directly above the eye, but a little off to one side.


Step Five: Draw the Ears and Eyes

Create a highlight near the top and a curving shape at the bottom of each iris. Also add short curving lines just above the inside corner of each eye.


Step Six: Form the Hair and Neck

Draw the neck so that it meets the intersection of the ear and cheek on one side, and the tip of the chin on the other.

Begin sketching out the hair.


Step Seven: Fine-Tune

Add shape to the hair with additional lines. An extra stray hair or two at the top of her pigtails can add a natural look. Indicating a shadow beneath the chin helps the picture look three-dimensional.


Step Eight: Finish It

We’re nearly done! Grab your pens and ink all the final lines. Let it dry then erase the guidelines to leave a polished, professional finish.


There you go! You just learned how to draw a manga girl. Now that you know the basics, you can try out other variations. Maybe her hairstyle is different or her expression is different. If you followed this tutorial we would love to see your art! Share it with us on Facebook and Twitter!

Get more tips on how to draw manga from Mastering Manga and Mastering Manga 2 by Mark Crilley!

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