Manga Monday: How to Draw Gems

Anybody else a Steven Universe fan? With the recent Steven bomb, we’ve been getting all kinds of exciting and interesting stuff about the crystal gems. Well today I want to follow the gem trend and show you how to draw gems with great tutorials from one of our new titles, Manga Magic by Supittha “Annie” Bunyapen!

Painting gemstones is similar to painting glass or crystal in that it’s crucial to get the reflections right. For a round gem, the gleam appears smooth, while cut gemstones are made up of many facets and each reflect light differently. Gemstones come in many colors and can be used to convey mood and meaning. Use this handy color chart to practice:

Gem-Type-1 Gem-Type-2

Round gemstone:


Step One
Draw an oval shape, leaving a space for the highlight. Paint a graded wash of Cadmium Yellow from top to bottom, leaving the highlight white.


Step Two
Apply a glaze of Permanent Carmine. Leave some unpainted areas to indicate the highlights. You can use a paper towel to lift up the red paint as well.


Step Three
Paint the shadows with a mix of Permanent Carmine and Payne’s Gray. Refine the shadows under the highlight and edges of the gem. Soften the paint with clean water.

Cut gemstone:


Step One
Draw an oval shape and sketch the facets within. Lay a flat wash of very diluted Manganese Violet on the entire gem.


Step Two
When dry, use a smaller round to apply a glaze of Manganese Violet on a few of the facets.


Step Three
Mix Manganese Violet with a bit of Payne’s Gray to darken some of the facets. It’s okay to overlap some of the facets painted in step 2.

Are you feeling inspired to create your own gems now? Maybe make your own gemsona? We’d love to see your art so make sure to share it with us on our Facebook and Twitter!

Manga Magic is 160 pages of awesomeness. Packed full of great instruction, you’ll learn how to draw and color fantasy characters, costumes, accessories and more! You can pre-order your copy of Manga Magic by Supittha “Annie” Bunyapen now!

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