Manga Monday: Lazy Pose

Who doesn’t like to veg out and relax after a long Monday? I, for one, love to kick off my shoes and rest my weary head. So today’s topic – relaxed poses. Both Shojo Fashion Manga Art School and Shojo Fashion Manga Art School Year 2 share great examples of how to draw manga people in their everyday life. Although these poses tend to be some of the most comfortable positions, they can also be stubbornly difficult to draw.

People are more likely to strike interesting poses when they’re relaxing by themselves. The unique angles and bends of the body can sometimes mean more work for you, but have fun with it. Mastering complex poses and angles is a big part of becoming a better artist, so try as best you can to capture the lazy pose of the manga person below.



Step One: Make a rough sketch of the pose, and don’t treat it stiffly: the body doesn’t just move at the joints. Here the torso is curving down, since his head will be hanging off the couch.



Step Two: Fill out the shapes of the body. If you get a bit confused, try turning the paper around; it’s almost a sitting pose that way.



Step Three: Figure out how the pose affects the clothes. There will still be some bunching around the thighs and hips, but thanks to gravity and the shape of the couch, it’s all sitting around the waist. The shirt also bunches up where it meets with the couch.



Step Four: Clean up and define the lines, preparing your character for color.



Step Five: When drawing a character interacting with an object, make sure the body casts shadows. Here, the couch cushion the kid is lying on is darker where the body blocks out the light.





Check out Shojo Fashion Manga Art School and Shojo Fashion Manga Art School Year 2 to get more ideas on what kind of body poses to draw and tips on how to draw them!






ABOUT THE AUTHORS | Irene Flores & Krisanne McSpadden

Irene Flores is an illustrator, part-time framer, occasional author and full-time coffee drinker. She is the co-creator of the manga trilogy Mark of the Succubus with writer Ashly Raiti published by TOKYOPOP. She has also worked for DC/WildStorm and Marvel Comics, and has been featured in TOKYOPOP’s Rising Stars of Manga volumes 3 and 5. Irene posts on deviantART under the name beanclam.

Krisanne McSpadden was born in Phoenix, Arizona, and has been having vivid fantasies of rain ever since. She is currently working on a BA in psychology, and hopes to use it as a gateway to traveling all around the world and teaching in many countries. Her passions are writing, world design, characters and story, and her preferred medium is manga. This is her first book. Contact Krisanne here.





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