Manga Monday: Pokémon Art Made With Leaves

Who didn’t love Pokémon as a kid? Really, who doesn’t love it now? Instagram user @jakeacarter has created some awesome Pokémon art using bits and pieces from nature, mostly leaves. It’s so perfect! Pokémon are wild creatures you stumble on out in nature so why not use nature to make them? I can’t decide which is my favorite. I like them all! I really hope he keeps going with this art and makes more! It’s such a creative idea.

BvdYuDC   600px-025Pikachu

natural Pokémon   600px-004Charmander

y22qhna   600px-002Ivysaur

diglett   600px-050Diglett

Those are Pikachu, Charmander, Ivysaur and Diglett, some of the Pokémon from the original games. I hope he does Squirtle, Dragonite or some of my other favorites. Maybe I’ll have to try to make them myself! Check out a couple others he did here.

For some more manga and anime fun, check out some of our great IMPACT titles like Manga Madness and Monster Book of Manga Drawing by David Okum.

32888   Monster Book of Manga Drawing by David Okum


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