Manga Monday: Pokemon Generations Announced!

Besides the excitement of Pokemon Sun & Moon: The Series, we’re getting a brand new animation with Pokemon Generations. Generations promises to show us the world through new eyes. Will we get a new main character other than Ash? Pokemon Generations will revisit each generation of the popular series and shed new light on classic moments. It sounds like there will be 18 episodes and each one will be a short 3-5 minutes. Anyone else wishing it was a full 30 minute anime? Ah well, we’ll take what we can get! Take a look at the Pokemon Generations trailer below. We’re loving the animation style. You can also see the first few short episodes on the Pokemon YouTube channel now!


I’m definitely feeling a lot of nostalgia. Pokemon was a huge part of my childhood. I collected the cards and played the games. It’s awesome to see this great new content coming from the franchise and reliving those major plot points from the games just makes me want to replay them!

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