Manga Monday: Some Awesome Cosplay From 2014

I love cosplay. I love everything about it! I enjoy making costumes for myself as well as marveling at the creations that other people make. It’s a beautiful art form and such a great way to express your love for a particular series and/or character. 2014 had a lot of impressive cosplay from manga, anime, video games, movies and more.

The Cosplay Boom documentary series has helped to show off a lot of that amazing cosplay as well as given more insight about how and why people craft the things they do. Cosplay takes a lot of work and you can definitely see the passion these people feel for the projects they’ve created.

Blizzcon 2014:

Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit cosplay:

zhwudzrxzxlgqjqf4jvqFrom left to right: Lyz Brickley, Darshelle Stevens, Mel Hoppe, Cnidarium, Sam Skyler, andHillary Jae

mpmwlqedsmautqbefeb3Amie Bosshart as Tali from Mass Effect

ovgxeqty0jnltyg7v7i8Nightfever Cosplay

bnfp2s6nfwixneghmmytAllieCat Art & Cosplay as Flemeith from Dragon Age

tbw6cdsqfxmiksvogkwqPunished Props as Draugr Deathlords from Skyrim

knc7zc47kwiztuldvwasRob Doran as Iron Man

tuk22lpc6rtqgxeebwd9Ryan Wells as Hoggle from Labyrinth

I’m blown away by the craftsmanship shown with each of these costumes. Really some incredible work. Make sure to check out Cosplay Boom’s website and Youtube channel for more cosplay goodness.


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