Manga Monday: The Naruto Manga is Ending

The Naruto manga has been incredibly popular for a long time, as has the anime. The manga series spawned an anime, full-length films, video games and more. I don’t think I’ve ever been to a convention where I haven’t seen at least one Naruto cosplayer! It’s a series that has become very well-known even for people who aren’t very familiar with the manga world.

It’s been a long and successful run, but the Naruto manga series is coming to a close after 15 years. The series finale will be published in Weekly Shonen Jump.


The series has been around for years. It will be crazy to see it go. The anime will most likely continue for a while since it hasn’t caught up to the Naruto manga yet, and for now there is at least a movie scheduled to be released. The Last: Naruto the Movie is set to come out December 6.


The series may be ending, but Naruto definitely made a lasting mark. Will you miss the Naruto manga?

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