New Cardcaptor Sakura Anime Gets First Trailer and Prologue

Cardcaptor Sakura has long been a favorite series and character, exemplifying the magical girl genre. The original manga series was adapted into an anime in the 90s. Get those nostalgia feelings ready because this magical girl is making her triumphant return to the small screen.

Much like Sailor Moon Crystal did for Sailor Moon, we’re getting a new Cardcaptor Sakura anime. However, the new series isn’t a reboot like Crystal. It’s actually a sequel! In the short trailer below, Sakura announces that she is in junior high. She was only in elementary school in the original Cardcaptor Sakura anime.


The trailer shows Sakura having a dream with a mysterious cloaked figure. After the dream, her cards turn blank and are powerless. Sakura must go on a quest to find out what is wrong. Sakura must discover and capture the new transparent cards with a new mystical key.

That video looks and feels a lot like the original TV series. It should! The anime studio Madhouse is handling the animation with Morio Asaka once again serving as director, just like he did in 1998. Cardcaptor Sakura fans should feel excited for this sequel since so many of the original creatives are involved again! It looks like the animation quality is getting an upgrade too when you compare the original to the new footage.

The new series will be called Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card and will air in January 2018. 

Continuing the Cardcaptor Sakura Anime

Cardcaptor Sakura started as a manga series in 1996. Just two short years later, the first anime adaptation was made. It had 70 episodes and followed the story of the heroine and magical girl, Sakura. Sakura discovers that she possesses magical powers after accidentally freeing a set of magical cards from the book they had been sealed in for years. She then has to retrieve those cards in order to avoid catastrophe.

The manga and anime have been won awards and continued to be well-loved by fans.The artwork of the manga is praised for being so detailed, and the anime was praised for featuring regular costume changes during Sakura’s magic-casting scenes.

Cardcaptor Sakura | Cardcaptor Sakura manga | Sakura outfits Cardcaptor Sakura | Cardcaptor Sakura manga | Sakura outfits Cardcaptor Sakura | Cardcaptor Sakura anime | Sakura outfits Cardcaptor Sakura | Cardcaptor Sakura anime | Sakura outfits

Along with the anime, two feature-length films were created. The second film, Cardcaptor Sakura Movie 2: The Sealed Card, continued the end of the TV show with Syaoran returning to Tokyo.

Same Characters, New Art

The new anime, Clear Card, will directly continue the story. All your favorite characters will be back! They’ll just be a little bit older. Check out a few of the character illustrations below.

Cardcaptor Sakura | Cardcaptor Sakura anime | Cardcaptor Sakura Clear Card Cardcaptor Sakura | Cardcaptor Sakura anime | Cardcaptor Sakura Clear CardCardcaptor Sakura | Cardcaptor Sakura anime | Cardcaptor Sakura Clear Card Cardcaptor Sakura | Cardcaptor Sakura anime | Cardcaptor Sakura Clear Card

Since Clear Card will be a sequel, a little set up is needed to bridge the gap between the original and the new series. A short prologue video is out and you can watch it below:



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