Pokemon Go Adding Changes to Bring Back Players

Pokemon Go burst onto the scene back in July and it quickly took over. Unfortunately the game had some issues, particularly with the tracking system, and those issues drove a lot of users away after the initial hype was over. Well now Niantic is working hard to bring changes to Pokemon Go and get the excitement back up.

They had a special Halloween event where spooky Pokemon like Gengar, Haunter and Drowzee showed up more frequently and you got twice the candy that you normally did. A lot of users liked this little extra and it pushed them to get out and play. A recent update of the game added a daily bonus feature. You could get extra experience points for visiting stops and catching Pokemon every day and the bonus points would stack if you went on a multiple day streak. Some people have looked into the source code and say they see info about the next generation of Pokemon so we may be seeing them in the next year, but a lot of people have started to catch the elusive Ditto at last. It seems that he hides as other Pokemon like Pidgey or Rattata and then transforms when you catch him. So make sure you try and catch everything! It could be a Ditto, and even if it isn’t you’ll always get experience points.

Pokemon Go Ditto

According to Slashgear.com, Niantic is gearing up for a very big holiday event for Christmas. Rumor has it that the event could be a legendary one. Could we finally see the reveal of the three legendary birds? Maybe they’ll give the players access to the birds according to their team association. Articuno for Mystic, Zapdos for Instinct and Moltres for Valor.

Legendary Pokemon birds
Pokemon Go teams

Most likely we’ll see an increase in XP and stardust like their other events and it seems likely they’ll increase the spawn rate of some Pokemon. It’s rumored to be these:

• Staryu
• Starme
• Clefairy
• Clefable
• Seel
• Dewgong
• Snorlax

Sounds like it’s a pretty good idea to stock up on those Pidgeys as well. With a lucky egg and possibly a bonus XP during the event, you may be able to easily increase your level. Looks like it could be a very merry Christmas this year.


Eventually we should see player vs. player battles, in-game trading and the next generation of Pokemon. Though the initial fervor for the game seemed to drop off a bit, Niantic is doing a good job trying to add new in-game features to reel players back in.

As of December 12th, Niantic has officially add new Pokemon! The start of Gen 2 is here.



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