Pokemon Sun and Moon Leaks!

Pokemon Sun and Moon are the latest in the massive Pokemon franchise. We’ve slowly seen more of the Pokemon coming out with the new games but now data miners have gotten into the Pokemon Sun and Moon demo and found even more information that they’ve leaked. Looks like fans won’t have to wait for the full release to get this info!

You can see some of the things that were found in the Pokemon Sun and Moon data mine in this video. Take a quick look while it’s up! They may crack down and take the video down soon:

It sounds like they scrubbed a lot of stuff for the demo release but some stuff was still there for the data miners to find. Hackers, data miners, and trusted Pokémon sources found information about many Pokemon that haven’t been released yet. There is even confirmation of the final evolution forms for the starters, which had popped up on the internet previously.




Personally I’m really digging Rowlet’s final form. Along with the starters there are also more shinies, more of the Alolan form, and a new type called “ultra beast” that were found.




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